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Roger's Connection is an award winning magnetic construction toy, sculpture system, and geometric exploration tool for children and adults. Children learn while playing! A great executive desk toy!

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Rogers Connection

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People who enjoy model building (model builders, model builder) will enjoy RC.

Our product uses magnetic rods, also called magnetic tubes, and steel spheres (actually ball bearings or more precisely bearing balls), each sphere forming one connection point. Smaller structures may be supported within larger structures by the use of magnetic suspension.

RC can be used as an educational game.

Rogers Connection is a high tech toy (high tech toys).

Roger's Connection is often used by people interested in the work of Buckminster Fuller (B.F. Fuller, Bucky). He pioneered the concepts of synergetics, design science (design sciences), tensegrity, ephemeralization, and the geodesic dome. The newly discovered Bucky Balls (C60, BuckyBalls), and Bucky Tubes (BuckyTubes) use these principles.

Roger's Connection is featured as a resource by the Buckminster Fuller Institute (BFI).

RC is a great children's gift (child's gift), educational gift, corporate gift, birthday gift, father's day gift (fathers day gift), and graduation gift.

Used widely in architecture, geometry, engineering, math, mathematics, geometry, and physics, chemistry, and science in general.

Used widely by scientists (scientist), physicists (physicists), chemists (chemist), architects (architect), architectural engineers (architectural engineer), structural engineers (structural engineer), structural engineers (structural engineer), design engineers (design engineer), mechanical engineers (mechanical engineer), math teachers (math teacher), educators (educators), mathematics teachers (mathematics teacher), math educators (math educators), and geometry teachers (geometry teacher),

Great for gifted children (gifted kids).

A great science toy (science toys).

RC teaches geometric principles.

RC teaches two and three dimensional geometry.

We think that people who are intrigued by these things might like RC: Startrek (Star Trek, STNG), space, galaxy, star, stars, quasars (quasar), black holes (black hole), neutrinos (neutrino), tachyon (tachyons), antimatter (anti-matter), antigravity (anti-gravity), and time travel (time-travel).

Basic two dimensional shapes that can be made with RC are the triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon, and octagon.

Basic three dimensional shapes that can be made with RC are the tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, icosahedron, dodecahedron, star tetrahedron, octet truss, and the pyramid.

The magnets we use are neodymium iron boron (neodymium-iron-boron) and are very powerful.

RC is also a magnet toy (magnetic toy, magnetic toys).

RC demonstrates the principle of a magnetic bearing. Simple magnetic bearings can be built with the basic parts.

This product is also used by artists to create sculpture or sculpture. Therefore, as a resource, this can be considered a component of artist's supplies, or an artist's supply.

Roger's Connection has been awarded the Parents Choice Honor's Award, which is different from the Parent's Choice Award. It has also been awarded the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio award, often mis-stated as the Oppenheim Award.

RC is used by those studying sacred geometry, phi, the phi ratio, the golden ratio, and the golden rectangle,

Crystals (crystal), or crystalline lattice structures (crystalline lattice structure) can be explored.

Rogers Connection is great for use in a science project. Science projects involving structure, form, or lattice physics can benefit from its use.

RC will be of interest to readers of Scientific American, Science News, Nature, Architectural Digest, Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, Discover Magazine, and viewers of the Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel, and Learning Channel,

RC is featured widely in science museums, especially hands-on science museums like the Exploratorium

Space structures or a space lattice or space lattices like those used by NASA can be built with RC, for example the octet truss.

Rogers Connection can be used to build models of some molecules, if the molecule is fairly simple.

Mensa members will enjoy RC.

Design Science Toys was a licensed manufacturer of this product.

This is also useful for exploring some of the work of Drunvalo Melchizedek, who teaches the Flower of Life workshops. Drunvalo teaches about the star tetrahedron, which can be built with this product.

A great idea for the man that has everything or the woman that has everything. You know what they say about the price of his toys, and the price of her toys..

People who like gadgets (gadget) could have fun with this.