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Roger's Connection is an award winning magnetic building toy, executive desk toy, sculpture medium, and geometric exploration tool for children and adults. Children learn important geometric, design science, and magnetic principles painlessly while playing. Moving designs with low-friction magnetic bearings may also be explored. Roger's Connection enjoys a uniquely broad audience that encompasses children, students, educators, architects, designers, and scientists! Roger's Connection was the first and is still the best, with big easy to handle magnetic rods that make large impressive designs that are great for classroom demonstration or sharing with friends!

Neodymium Magnet in Rod
Powerful neodymium magnets in precision molded plastic rods securely hold steel connector balls.
Magnetic Rod and Ball Connected
The magnets are recessed so that the connector balls are centered on the magnetic rods.
Infinite Connection Angles
This unique combination allows connections of almost any angle to be made.
Twelve Magnetic Rods on One Connector Ball
Up to twelve rods can be attached to a single connector ball.

Size and Copycats
LARGE pieces are easy to handle, and make impressive designs!

Composite Display

Number of sets shown as required in the above image refer to Classic or 1X sets. Where multiple sets are indicated as required, only one set is needed when using larger sets. See the chart below, and the Ordering page, for more information on these larger sets.

Gigantic Designs

Above are a couple of truly gigantic designs each using a bulk RC-50X set.

Roger's Connection® is...
blue dot The Best Building Toy for Kids Ever Created!
blue dot The Best Executive Desk Toy
blue dot An Architectural Design Tool
blue dot A Great Manual Dexterity Training Tool
blue dot A Geometry Exploration Tool for Students and Teachers
blue dot A Tool for Exploring the Molecular Structure of Crystals
blue dot A Magnet Learning Tool
blue dot A Unique Sculpture System for Professional and Recreational Artists!
blue dot A Magnetic Bearing Exploration Tool. Magnetically suspend spinning structures within larger structures.
blue dot Winner of the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio® Gold Seal Award and a Parents' Choice® Honor!

Using these basic components, a truly endless variety of simple or complicated designs can be constructed, limited only by your imagination! A few examples are shown above. Multiple sets can be combined for larger designs. Designs with motion can also be created using magnetic bearings as shown in the animations near the top of this page, composed of nothing more than the same basic steel balls and magnetic rods, assembled with attracting magnetic poles together.

QuickTime movies of several interesting designs in motion are also available. Note that several of the larger designs shown above require two or three sets. We invite you to visit the Gallery, where the designs of Roger's Connection® owners are featured. The Manual section features an on-line Roger's Connection® Instruction Manual, with color coded step-by-step instructions for constructing some basic designs. Our Science section, provides information and links on Synergetic Geometry and Design Science, for those who wish to understand the design of nature more deeply.

While Roger's Connection® is used to teach profound geometric principles the world over, it is equally at home as an endlessly rewarding building toy for kids, and as the ultimate executive desk toy for adults! While playing, children learn profound mathematical principles without even realizing it, that they take with them into their adult lives and professions.

Size Chart

Also available in 50X (2200 piece) and 100X (4400 piece) bulk sets.
See our Ordering page for details.

Choking Hazard Warning

Home Manual Gallery Science Ordering
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