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Submissions by Greg Taylor - Page 1 of 2

Titles and Descriptions by Greg Taylor
Some descriptions have been edited by Roger's Connection. Editorial comments by Roger's Connection are in italics.

Tetrahedral Office Complex

Composed completely of tetrahedrons and octahedrons, this is a very strong structure. A good candidate for the Roger's Connection headquarters building. (Requires 5 sets)

Thanks Greg, when can we move in? - RS

Folded Icosahedron

This could also be called a pentagonal dipyramid with five tetrahedral legs - RS

Flattened Icosahedron

Less prone to rolling around in a high wind. (Requires 1 set)

Reinforced Icosahedron

Two interlocking pentagonal pyramids inside the icosahedron add strength. (Requires 2 sets)

The Grain Silo

Can be made stronger by adding interior pentagonal braces. (Requires 3 sets)

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