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Submissions by Greg Taylor - Page 2 of 2

Titles and Descriptions by Greg Taylor
Some descriptions have been edited by Roger's Connection. Editorial comments by Roger's Connection are in italics.

The Covered Bridge

Can be made longer with more sets. (I'm still working on a suspended bridge design.) (Requires 2 sets)

Mother Ship

Remember the movie "Stargate" ? Those aliens knew all about the pyramids. (Requires 5 sets)

Modern Pyramid Office Complex

Inspired by some local architecture (on Miramar Rd. in San Diego, which was actually seen in the movie "Demolition Man" as the Taco Bell restaurant). Lots of octagons. (Requires 5 sets)

The Forbidden Zone

Flashback to "The Planet of the Apes."

City Skyline

Created in anticipation of my imminent trip to New York.

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