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Welcome to the Roger's Connection Gallery!

This area contains photographs and computer renderings of Roger's Connection designs. The images are contributed both by Roger's Connection, as well as by our customers! We welcome your submissions, and would be happy to consider them for display in the Gallery. We are much more interested in sharing interesting and unique designs, than in having technically perfect photos, so don't worry about technical perfection. We realize that few people have ideal equipment or professional photographic training. We want to make this an "equal opportunity" forum! We are also interested in having designs created by children! We plan to start a "Kids Gallery" shortly, and we'd like to see all of your children's wonderful creations! Reminder: For safety, don't forget to keep small Roger's Connections parts away from small children!

If you are interested in submitting a design, just click on the "Submissions" button, and send us a message with an attached graphics file in any common format. If you don't have the means to scan your photograph, then you may mail a photograph to us (see the Order page for our mailing address), and we will be happy to scan it for you! If you wish to receive the photograph back, then please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope with proper protection for a photo. We are excited to see what our customers are doing with Roger's Connection, and we will all learn together from sharing our designs and ideas.

Gigantic Designs!

Gigantic Designs

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Submissions by Roger's Connection

Small Tetrahedral Tower. Copyright (c) 1996-2019 Roger's Connection. All rights reserved. Small Icosa. Copyright (c) 1996-2019 Roger's Connection. All rights reserved.

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Submissions by Greg Taylor

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Submissions by Simon Fraser

(Click on any image to view larger versions of the images in that row, with comments.)

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